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Nova Drops SPF 50+

Nova Drops SPF 50+

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About the product

Our unique and innovative Nova Drops spf 50+ is the perfect choice for daily protection all year round. The product can be easily combined with your favorite cream, gel serum and make-up as a complete protection.

Nova Drops spf 50+ is formulated with advanced ingredients that are absorbed quickly and provide the skin with both care and protection against free radicals and UV rays. It contains broad-spectrum UVA and UVB filters, powerful antioxidants and nourishing aloe vera. With these drops, you will easily be able to protect your skin against daily UV damage.

Recommended use

To use Nova Drops, apply 3-4 drops over your day cream and serum, or mix it with your favorite cream, serum or makeup. Massage into the skin with circular movements to achieve the best result. Note that SPF protection is lower when mixed with other products, so apply regularly for optimal protection.

Active ingredients

The active ingredients in Nova Drops are the key to its unique mode of action. The active ingredients work in synergy to prevent sun damage and promote smoother, younger and more radiant skin.

Phytocomplex from red grapes has been developed through upcycling. They protect the skin against UV rays, pollution and environmental stress. It also prevents wrinkles and the breakdown of collagen and elastin, keeping your skin healthy and fresh.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-51 Amide repairs and renews skin cells, while reducing damage caused by UV rays and helping to improve the skin's appearance and moisture.

Kombucha, also known as "mushroom for a long life", is a fermentation product of sweetened black tea, which contains B vitamins, organic acids and caffeine. It is an excellent anti-aging agent that promotes smooth, supple and youthful skin. It also has antiseptic and probiotic properties that are beneficial against blemishes and acne.


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